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Live Demo: How to save a life using hands-only CPR

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Learning something that takes just a few minutes could help you save a life.

UW-Health Senior EMS Education Specialist Javier Font took a few minutes to teach WKOW viewers hands-only CPR on Wake Up Wisconsin Thursday as part of CPR awareness week. Font says if people learn CPR and how to use an AED device, many lives can be saved.  

Font says first, recognize there's a problem. Then, call 911 or tell someone to call 911. Then push on the chest, either using CPR or CCR. CCR is cardio-cerebral resuscitation and is the method some doctors and health care providers say is the preferred method now. It eliminates mouth-to-mouth. You simply continue with chest compressions the entire time. 

Font says for the layperson, CCR is a good option because they might not know if the person they're helping is having a pulmonary event or not. Click on the video above to watch how to help save a life.

For more information on hands-only CPR, including more instructional videos and demonstrations, click here.

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