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Soldier surprises two boys at school

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ARLINGTON, VA (WKOW) -- For seven year old Lucas and six-year-old Sebastian, their Friday at school started out like any other day. But they ended up getting such a big surprise, they didn't know how to react at first.

They were at a school assembly when the school mascot, which is a bee, walked out in the gym. The two boys were just as excited as everyone else when they got called up to the front. Once they were up there, their dad popped out of the costume to surprise them. Sergeant First Class Maxiniliano Guerra has been deployed for eight months. And his boys were shocked to see him. Once the shock wore off, they got to hug their dad.

Guerra says he's looking forward to reading the boys bedtime stories and spending as much time with them as possible.

To hear from Sergeant First Class Guerra and his two sons, click on the video.

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