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Copy-Dory may be easy going, but blue tangs are tough to care for


As “Finding Dory" swims its way to the top of the box office, many children are thinking it's time for a new pet.

However, experts say, don't go out and buy a fish like Dory right away.

”Great shows, great entertainment, but it really, as far as practicality towards people doing that it really isn't really the best idea. The best thing is to buy the tickets and watch the movie I guess and enjoy it that way,” said Robin Kurth, the pet department manager at Ace Hardware.

He says, owners need to keep a close eye on water quality and temperature in saltwater tanks.

That means it takes a certain type of person to keep a fish like Dory alive.

“People that are serious about learning and educating themselves on how to do everything properly,” Kurth said.

Owners will need a large tank as blue tangs can grow to be a foot long.

Blue tangs have trouble breeding in captivity so those in pet stores were likely brought in from the wild.

And some scientists are concerned that the popularity of "Finding Dory" will hurt the blue tang population.

Dori Vang, the assistant pet department manager said there are lower maintenance options for people searching for a new pet.

He suggests buying a glow fish.

“If parents want to give them a touch of responsibility, that would be a great starter fish,” Vang said.

He explained that platy fish and sword tails are also easy to care for.

While goldfish might be the quintessential starter pet they can be a lot of work.

“I would recommend against doing a goldfish in a smaller tank,” Vang said.

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