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UPDATE: High school classmate reacts after McFarland mom killed helping ducklings cross Highway 30 is identified

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UPDATE (WKOW) -- Just days after a McFarland mother is struck and killed helping ducklings cross a busy highway in Madison, comes reaction to the tragedy from a high school classmate.  45-year old Kimberly Zeier is now the 10th student who has died in McFarland High Schools Class of '89.

Eric Kinnaird is in charge of class reunions.  He says it will be hard not to see her face at the next one.  Besides her smile, Kinnaird says she loved animals.

"Someone told me that she saved a baby robin out of a tree, someone's tree  like a week before that," Kinnaird said.

Kinnaird says details on the funeral arrangements will be forthcoming in future days.  The Medical Examiner's Office says Zeier died from injuries sustained when struck by another driver.

Madison Police say the crash remains under investigation.  They urge anyone who comes across wildlife to call 9-11, instead of getting out on a busy road. 

MPD also says those ducklings did make it across the highway safely.


UPDATE (WKOW) -- The Dane County Medical Examiner's Office has identified the woman killed Wednesday on Highway 30 as 45-year-old Kimberly Zeier of McFarland. 


MADISON (WKOW) -- A McFarland mother was hit and killed by a car after trying to help baby ducklings cross a busy Madison highway. 

"Got a mom, she took a day off work to spend with her kids," Madison Police Spokesman Joel DeSpain said while trying to fight back tears.

"You know because of baby ducks, she is no longer with us," he said.

Police say Wednesday afternoon, the 45-year-old mother with her two kids in the car, got out to help the ducklings.

"Tragically, there was a motorist who didn't see her and struck her," DeSpain said.

Dane County Communications received no phone calls about the ducklings, but say they had more than a dozen 911 calls about the fatality. 

"Call police if you need to, call State Patrol, but just stay in your vehicle, don't stop in the middle of traffic," DeSpain said.

"I would do what law enforcement is saying," Sauk County DNR Wildlife Biologist Nancy Frost said.    It's hatching season and Frost says that brings an increase in waterfowl to the roadways.

"They like to be in the water and unfortunately, the road is in the way of the two water sources," Frost said.

A close call happened Wednesday night on the Beltline when a group of geese tried to cross.  DeSpain says getting out for these water fowl is dangerous.

"If you try to assist wildlife, it can have tragic consequences," he said.

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