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Special guest aboard milestone Miracle Flight

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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WKOW) -- Miracle Flights, the non-profit organization that helps fly kids to get care from medical specialists, is celebrating its 100,000th flight. The latest guest on the flight is 10-year-old Levi Krystosek, or "Little Levi" as he's known. He has a rare form of dwarfism and stage one kidney disease. 

Reporter Bill Wood caught up with him at the New Orleans airport.

"I have some issues with my neck, my back, my ankles, so," Levi said."

Bill responded, saying he had some of his own issues.

Levi laughed saying, "I probably figured you were gonna say that!"

This is Little Levi's 13th such trip to Philadelphia for medical related matters. However it was his first time on the Miracle Flight, something he was very excited about.

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