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Metcalfe's Market continues sustainability pledge with LED lighting

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MADISON (WKOW) -- One of Wisconsin's greenest local businesses is putting final touches on its commitment to being sustainable. 

Metcalfe's Markets in the Madison and Milwaukee areas will soon be fully lit with LED lighting.  The company already prides itself on being 100% green-powered, using only wind and solar power in their stores. 

They also put night shades over all of their coolers.  Metcalfe's reports that saves the company from using 135-thousand kilowatt-hours of energy every year.  They also compost all of their non-consumable produce.

Even though some of their sustainable choices, particularly the wind energy, cost more, company president Tim Metcalfe says being Green is an important part of their business model.  "If you're using less energy, if you're pulling your shades down or using LED lights, your costs go down.  So you can become more efficient as a retailer by being green too," he says.  Metcalfe adds grocery stores are one of the biggest users of energy among businesses because of the amount of lighting and refrigeration. 

As for the LED lights, the Milwaukee area Metcalfe's markets already is fully equipped.  The two Madison stores are partially lit with LED lights with the rest coming soon.

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