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Bible family of Madison full of BMX bikers

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DEFOREST (WKOW) -- Madison's Myles Bible has spent much of his life on a BMX bike.
"It's the speed, it's the jumps, it's the competition of racing. It's just a really unique sport," Bible said.
A sport introduced to him at a young age by his family.
"My dad grew up racing motocross and I had a love for BMX bikes and we just kind of got into it."
Now with four young kids of his own, Bible's steered them in a similar direction,
"My dad wanted me to do it and I thought it was a good idea. I thought it was very fun," Myles' son Myles Bible Jr. said.
"I knew how much I liked it when I was a kid and gave them the same opportunity I had," Myles Bible said.
But it's not just his kids that race. Myles' brother Cole Bible has three childen of his own, making it seven Bibles under the age of nine at the Madtown BMX track in DeForest on race night.
"Some of our family races and it's fun to race with cousins and family," Myles' son Ryder Bible said.
And with the riders come parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents showing their support.
"It's pretty cool. I like them cheering us on," Myles Bible Jr. said.
"This is where we are twice a week. We can't get enough of each other," Myles' wife Talesha Bible said.
"They want to watch me win, they want to see my trophies," Ryder Bible said.
And while tons of trophies always seem to be taken home, the real reward, enjoying the ride with family.
"This is an individual sport, but for us it's kind of a whole family affair," Myles Bible said.

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