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Wisconsin Dairy News: Ice Cream

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WASHBURN (WKOW) -- Tetzner Dairy is a small farmstead milk bottling and ice cream production facility located in Washburn, Wisconsin. It's one of the longest-running, family farmstead, milk and ice cream processing plants in the state!

You won't hear much about Tetzner Dairy over the airwaves, most of their customer base is local, or learn about them by word of mouth!

"Somebody tries it, they like it, they say, 'Oh you've got to go out to Tetzner's and try their ice cream!," Manager Jackie Tetzner said. "We just had a couple yesterday that came and said the waitress at Buddy's Restaurant told us you've got to go out to Tetzner's and get their ice cream."

The sixty cows in the Tetzner's dairy herd produce the milk that's used to make the Tetzner's cool treats, which are sold on the honor system at the on-farm store. 

The farmstead's ice cream and milk is also sold regionally at local stores and gas stations, and used by many local restaurants. For the Tetzner's, bottling milk and making ice cream is a labor of love that continues to reap rewards!

Plant Manager Pete Tetzner says the ice cream is what sets the farm apart.  "You can only do so much with milk, but the ice cream is where you can really specialize in and make it different." 

Tetzner Dairy is in operation throughout the year and folks are welcome to visit the on-farm store. You can click here to learn more.

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