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Bobbi Stricker following in dad's footsteps

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MADISON, Wis. (WKOW) -- 17 -year-old Bobbi has it all in the game of golf: the look, the gear, the attitude, and to top it all off her last name... is Stricker. 

"Is your dad Steve Stricker? I tell them, yeah. He's my dad," Bobbi says with a laugh.

No matter where she goes in Wisconsin, people know exactly who her father is. Steve Stricker, an Edgerton native, is one of the that state's most popular golfers. Since joining the PGA tour in 1994, Stricker has won 12 tournaments on the PGA Tour. 
And mom, Nicki, is not too shabby either.  She's a former Madison City Ladies Champion and at one time, was Steve's full-time tour caddie. 

So when Bobbi picked up her first clubs at age five, it only seemed natural. But for the past four years, the game of tennis, not golf, captured her full attention. 

"Going into high school, I had a lot of friends that played and they kind of drove me in that direction," says Bobbi.

Nicki, who served as Bobbi's caddie for the Madison City Women's tournament, recalls her daughters decision to stray from the path of golf.

"I think just because it was hers. It was her decision," Nicki said after the final round of the tournament.

She added that there was never any pressure for Bobbi to choose golf, but instead pursue whatever sports she and their younger daughter wanted to. 

But once Bobbi's tennis career at Waunakee High was done and over, she turned back to golf. Bobbi quickly added multiple tournament into her summer plans. She took sixth-place in a WPGA Players Tour event, then followed with a second place finish in the 14th WPGA Junior Tour tournament at Pleasant View Golf Course. According to her mom, her quick success has been pleasantly surprising. 

"You know I tried to stay out of her way, "Nicki said when asked about caddying for her daughter, "There were things out there that I wanted to say but unless she asks, I want her to learn by doing."

As for dad, he's across the pond playing in this year's Open Championship but in constant contact with his wife while Bobbi played in the tournament. 

"He called me at one point out there and I had to decline it, "Nicki joked, "I know he's dying to know how she's doing."

Bobbi finished the tournament in seventh-place, her third straight top-10 finish this summer.
In the fall, she heads to UW-Madison where she will try to walk-on for the Women's golf team. 

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