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Angie's List: Get reviews for free

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Are you one of the millions of people who wanted to use Angie’s List to find a contractor but stopped when you learned you had to pay? Angie’s List has a surprise for you.

Thanks to its quirky commercials and 21 years in the business, Angie’s List is one of the most recognized brands in America. More than 3 million people use it to find services pros, but millions more have seen the company’s subscription fee as a line they won’t cross.

“The need for finding high quality service companies is still important today. Consumers still need help finding the very best local service companies to work on their home,” says Angie Hicks, Angie’s List Founder.

Finding that help through reviews on Angie’s List no longer comes with a fee. The change stems from consumer demands of new young home owners. The National Association of Realtors says nearly 70 percent of first-time home buyers are 35 or younger, and their market presence is being felt by many businesses.

“This has really come out of millennials becoming home owners. Their view is they’d like to be able to get that information for free, but we’re still going to offer great memberships along with it, so if you’re looking for extra services – whether it be emergency service calls or complaint resolution – you’re still going to be able to get those great benefits from Angie’s List as well. And remember, the quality reviews and the integrity behind the reviews are unchanged,” says Hicks.

The home services industry pumps about $400 billion into the U.S. economy every year. Add in personal services, auto and property care, and it’s clear that Americans are poised to hire a lot of service professionals this year. Angie’s List is hoping that by giving consumers a free look at their members’ experiences, those hires will be good ones.

“At Angie’s List, our sole goal is to help consumers find the very best service companies to take care of their home because our home is where their heart is. And the business has adapted over the years, from being a call-in service to being a web site, keeping up with consumer demand,” says Hicks.

Two things to not -- one, Angie’s List members will now be able to see reviews all across the country for free. Reviews were previously restricted to just the cities the members paid for, and two, premium services like guarantees on price and service still carry a fee. You can find all the details at

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