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Must Hear: Janesville man's hand-made microphones create big buzz at Olympics

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JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- A Janesville man's high-tech microphones are in Rio, capturing some of the monumental moments at the Olympic Games. 

Klover President Paul Terpstra started his business back in 2012, after he was asked for help getting the audio just right on reality TV shows.

"As soon as someone comes out with a microphone on stick, it changes the atmosphere," Terpstra said.  And because of that, using a non-invasive approach works best.   Klover Parabolic MiKs pick it all up.

"There are quite a few that have been shipped to Hollywood," Terpstra said. But Hollywood isn't the only place you'll see his professional microphones.

They are also used at many NFL games, including Packers. "It's like playing Where's Waldo, everyone else is looking at the action on the football field, and my wife and I are looking on the sidelines to see what parabolics are being used."

The ones the Olympics are using are Terpstra's creation.

"They ordered four sixteen-inch ones," he said.  Terpstra can't say what Olympic sporting events you'll see them at, but he says you'd just need two to cover an Olympic sized soccer field.

The engineer says he's busy each day filling multiple orders from his home office.  His dining and living rooms are covered in the inventions.

"You'd never guess that something like this is coming out of this rural house in Janesville,"  he said.  But, his long-range mics are being heard.  Maybe just not on Shark Tank.

"Everybody asks me about Shark Tank," he said.  "I probably have no desire to go on Shark Tank to have some expert telling me what to do, and number 2, I don't think it's a big enough market," Terpstra added.

Even still, it's a market in which he's making a big splash --with nearly 500 sold.  Learn more about the Klover MiK  here.

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