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Inspiration Behind Every Kick for Gaglianone

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For some field goal kickers, it's all about superstitions, but for Badgers junior kicker Rafael Gaglianone, this season has change behind every kick after an off the field incident just before the season started.

The junior from Sao Paulo, Brazil has made steady progress splitting the up rights. He was honorable mention in the Big Ten his freshman season and followed that up with a few game winning kicks his sophomore season.

"It's pretty special to you know be on this fraternity. Kickers and punters are really a family out there." Said Gaglianone. "We carry our own fraternity."  

Normally sporting a number-10 on his jersey, like some of the best soccer players from his home country, Gaglianone will wear a different number this season, that has a completely different meaning.

Gaglianone said, "I went to Jeremy and Peals, they are the equipment managers, and I told them I wanted to change my number."

Kickers and punters across the Big Ten meet each other at summer camps. Gaglianone and Nebraska punter Sam Foltz achieved a friendship. Last month after a camp near Waukesha Wisconsin, Foltz died in a car accident with Michigan State punter Mike Sadler. Foltz whore number 27.

"It's just really tough. You can't just get over a situation like that." Said Gaglianone. "Going to the funeral, they really tried to celebrate his life opposed to everybody being sad. Being around his family and hearing all of these amazing stories and all of the impact that he had."

The game winning kick is any kickers dream and this season Rafael can bring home the win for more then just his team.

Gaglianone said, "I mean this is more then just a number. Ten was just a number that I liked to wear. I changed it because Sam changed my life, and Mike changed my life and that's who I am now."


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