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Reasons for mass resignations: 28 Dodgeville teachers leave over money and student behavioral issues

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DODGEVILLE (WKOW) -- Close to 30 educators have left Dodgeville schools since the end of last school year. 

"It was just really surprising, shocking, unexpected, it was a month ago, I think," Dodgeville High's Autumn Bell said about the learning her junior year would be different. 

"I'm just a little worried about how classes are going to be," Bell said.

Dodgeville School District Administrator Dr. Jeffrey Jacobson says he knows it's a tough situation, after 28 teachers left.

"It's an anomaly that's for sure," Dr. Jacobson said.  "We're hoping it's just a blip on the radar, but it certainly is more than we've ever had in the past," he added.

Dr. Jacobson says the teachers that left were at all different stages in their careers, but he says it's hard to witness all the resignations.

"You do hate to lose the experience," he said.

Dr. Jacobson says the mass exodus comes down to teachers wanting more money, and a challenging district-wide punishment rewards behavioral system.  He says the program is currently being modified, and the school system is looking into other ways to discipline behaviorally challenged students.

"It has become the impetus for some who have left," Dr. Jacobson said.

Bell says she saw more fights break out last year than ever before, and understands why teaching would be difficult with that climate.

"There were just a lot of kids that thought they could get away with whatever they wanted and they wouldn't get punished like the way that they should," Bell said.

She just hopes her junior year experience will live up to everything she hoped it would be.

"It's just gonna be different, our school is getting renovated, start from the basics with the teachers, I guess," she said.

Educators say in direct-response to the behavioral issues, special teacher-focused meetings are being held to better address classroom confrontations.

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