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Tips to save the most valuable teaching tool

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Teachers across the country are preparing lesson plans and stocking up on classroom supplies, but one thing teachers should be focusing on, but often neglect, is their most valuable teaching tool, their voice.

On Tuesday, UW Health Speech Pathologist Kate McConville stopped by Wake Up Wisconsin to talk about the occupational related issues teachers face.

McConville was joined by Shawn Weber McMahon who teaches at Crestwood Elementary School.

Teachers should think of themselves as vocal athletes, and should give their voices the same care and attention that athletes give their bodies. As with many disorders, prevention is the key to staying healthy. Teachers, you can protect and preserve your voices by:

  • Resting the voice when it’s not necessary to use it.
  • Amplify your voice
  • Make sure your classroom is clean
  • Seek medical treatment

Click on the video link above for more information.

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