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Puppy stung by 400 bees expected to survive

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PHOENIX (WKOW) -- Tramp has more than a fat lip. His entire body is swollen and covered with welts after undergoing a fight for his life -- a literal battle with bees. 

Dr. Cynthia Jones with Alta Vista Veterinary Hospital says it’s almost a miracle the 18-week-old puppy is alive at all.

"With as many stings as he had, he had more than enough to kill 50 percent of dogs his size," she said.

There is vile full of the stingers vets and techs pulled out of him. Jones she had never seen a case as bad as Tramp’s.

His ordeal started early Saturday when his owner, Jeremy DeNoyer, let him and older dog named Lady outside.

"My smallest dog, Tramp, was yelping," DeNoyer said. "I figured he just wanted to come inside. And when I saw him, I opened up the curtains and [saw] he was just swarmed by hundreds of bees. “

That's when he jumped into action.

"I got 2 or 3 feet outside and was just hit myself."

Swarmed by bees himself, DeNoyer barricaded himself in a laundry room, unable to help his dogs.

"I was just trying to help my baby and I couldn't even get to him," DeNoyer said.

Even today he can't approach the hive, which is actually inside the vacant house next door in the neighborhood near Ninth Street and Thomas Road. 

"It is just a vivid flashback of being attacked by a wall of stings," he said as he hesitantly approached the area.

Firefighters were able to foam down both homes. DeNoyer had more than 20 stings. Lady had 50. Young Tramp had more than 400.

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