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Officer dances during parade in Muskego

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MUSKEGO, WI (WKOW) -- The South Shore Drill Team from Chicago welcomed a new, unofficial member to their routine last weekend – a Wisconsin police officer.

For the third year in a row, police officer Kevin Raiche of the Muskego Police Dept danced along with them.

“I was very stone faced. And as they approached, I was starting to feel it and then it just started to take over. Once it got close enough, I walked over. I took off my traffic vest, started waving it around and they went nuts,” Raiche said.

The South Shore Drill team was part of the  annual Muskego Community Festival Parade on Sunday in Muskego, Wisconsin.

The police department now purposely puts Raiche at one particular intersection in the parade route so he can strut his stuff.

Even the dance team seems to love Raiche’s involvement.

Raiche says the downside to all of this is at weddings — he is expected to lead the dances and get the party going.

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