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Back to school: Wake Up Wisconsin anchor joins the drumline

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WAUNAKEE (WKOW) -- Wake Up Wisconsin anchor Brandon Taylor recently went back to school and visited students at Waunakee Community High School as they get settled into a new year.

"For music class it's a big team building thing," said Garrett Stolen.  "You have to work with other people and you get to meet other people that you may not have met before."

Garrett Stolen is a senior at Waunakee Community High School.  He's spent the past 6 years playing music and making friends.

"The football games are a lot of fun," said Stolen.  "It's a really relaxed atmosphere within the band."

Brandon quickly learned what it takes to prepare for those bright Friday night lights.

"We try to brush up some of the music and we get ready for the night," said Ryan Gill.  "We go over the details before the students perform for the night."

Ryan Gill is one of the band instructors.  He has more than 150 students in his class.  He says it takes hours of practice multiple times a week to get the students ready.  After 12 years of teaching, he's found a way to get the students to invest in the music.

"With this many students, the biggest thing that we've had success with is buy-in," said Gill.  "Students buying into what you're doing."

Gill says when the students buy in like that, that trickles down from the leaders.

"It becomes a sort of moving train in one direction," said Gill.

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