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Mt. Horeb woman victim of "bump-and-run" carjacking on the Beltline

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison police are warning drivers to be aware of car-jackers who pull a scheme of bumping the car in front of them to steal it as a driver gets out to check damage.   

Public Information Officer Joel DeSpain says a 32-year-old Mt. Horeb woman fell victim to such a crime Thursday as she was driving westbound on the Beltline in Madison. She told police a dark-colored SUV began tailing her closely and eventually rear-ended her car near the South Park Street exit. She pulled over and the SUV followed her. 

Three men got out of the SUV and began yelling at her as she got out to look at the damage. She tried to return to her car to call police but before she could, one of the men got in the driver's seat and drove off in her car. The other two returned to the SUV and sped away. The victim walked to a nearby restaurant to get help.  DeSpain says the woman was not physically hurt, but was very shook up emotionally. 

Milwaukee Police responded to the MPD's bulletin about the stolen car a couple of hours later, saying it had just been used in an armed robbery at a Walgreens there.  DeSpain says Milwaukee Police report many similar "bump-and-run" carjackings in their city, but that this type of crime is relatively new for Madison.

The suspects are described as follows:
Male, black, 20's, 5'6", heavy build, wearing a dark hoodie with hood up.
Male, black, early 20's, 5'8", slender build, short dreadlocks, tattoo on right side of neck.
Male, black, early 20's, average build. 

Madison police say if you're involved in an accident and you're not comfortable about getting out to check damage, you should stay in your car, lock the doors and wait until police arrive to follow through on the situation. 

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