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Flooding Brings Deja Vu To Clarksville, Iowa.

Flooding Brings Deja Vu To Clarksville, Iowa.

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CLARKSVILLE, IOWA, WKOW -- Just three and a half hours away from the flooding in Rock Springs, there's a lot of clean-up going on in Clarksville, Iowa.  Since leaving their homes Thursday night, people have been working endlessly to salvage what they can and just like the people in Rock Springs, they're experiencing deja vu.  A similar flood impacted the same region just 8 years ago.  Nearby rivers broke cresting records in 2008 and those incredible records were broken again, this month, by over a foot.  

The people of Clarksville are feeling discouraged because many of them have only just recovered from the flood that happened eight years ago.

The mayor of Clarksville says the city will be meeting with engineers and other groups in late October to find a solution in hopes of preventing a third devastation.

The incredible flooding is rare and to have it happen in late September is even more unusual.

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