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Dash cam video shows Madison Police officer facing gun shots

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Just-released police dash camera video shows a Madison Police officer facing gun shots from killer Christopher O'Kroley, just before O'Kroley's capture near East Towne Mall earlier this year.

Before O'Kroley opened fire, video released to 27 News shows officer Michele Walker imploring O'Kroley to cooperate with her.  "Hands in the air, hands in the air, put your hands in the air,"  Walker says to O'Kroley on the video.

O'Kroley Friday was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of his grocery store co-worker Caroline Nosal, and five additional years in prison for reckless endangerment for shooting at Walker.

Walker intended to address to court to discuss the impact of exchanging gun fire with O'Kroley, but became too overwhelmed with emotion to speak.  The case's prosecutor read Walker's statement.

"I grapple with survivor's guilt,"  Walker's statement says.  "Why Caroline and not me?"

"I can't imagine the thoughts that race through their head when they confront someone the know to be armed and dangerous, and a killer,"  O'Kroley's sentencing Judge William Hanrahan said.  "She did, she confronted you, I watched the video."

On the video, Walker acknowledges to dispatch that she had fired a gun shot. Despite having been the target of two gun shots, the video shows Walker maneuvering her squad car in the mall parking lot and continuing to pursue O'Kroley, before she helped with his capture.

Walker says her five weeks off following the incident involved a roller coaster of emotions.  "I am deeply proud of my profession and of my brothers and sisters who dignify the badge.  But I am changed,"  Walker writes.

O'Kroley's life sentence for fatally shooting Nosal involves the possibility of parole after forty years, a sentence feature agreed to by prosecutors as part of their plea agreement with O'Kroley.  Walker originally intended to urge the court to render an apparently stiffer sentence for O'Kroley than what resulted, but her input was never offered.

Hanrahan summed up his observation of O'Kroley's dangerous actions against the officer - actions visible on the dash cam video.  "You demonstrated utter disregard for human life."

Walker has been with the Madison Police Department since 2001.  She remains on the job.

"I was not responsible for the tragic choices made by Mr. O'Kroley but I live with the consequences and I will for life."

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