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That big beer can has a name and a purpose

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Beer is a seems to be a staple during all of the football tailgating in Wisconsin.  There's good news for the beer lovers out there; a new, sustainable storage option is available to make beer easier to bring to the tailgate.  It's called a Crowler.

What looks like a large can, a Crowler is a 32 oz. fillable container that starts without a lid.  If your local beer distributor carries them, you can fill it up, and then the top of the can is pressed and sealed onto the body.  The can is completely recyclable when finished.

According to Wayne Crokus of Steve's Wine, Beer & Spirits on University Ave. in Madison, the beer in Crowlers lasts longer than traditional glass growlers, three weeks versus three days, and the Crowlers are slightly more affordable. 

Wayne also recommends some of the most popular Wisconsin fall beers.  Check out the interview in the video link to see his suggestions. 

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