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What do second graders think of the presidential campaign?

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(CNN) – They say kids say the darnedest things. So Gary Tuchman decided to sit down with some young kids to get their take on the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

He talked to students at the Calhoun School in New York, which is right across Central Park from Donald Trump's home, Trump Towers. The area is also 33 miles away from Hillary Clinton's home in Westchester County. 

 (Gary Tuchman/Reporting) "And these are seven of the second graders at Calhoun! Thanks for having us here!"
(Kids) "You're welcome!"
(Gary Tuchman/Reporting)  "What are the names of the people running for president?"
(Kids) "Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump."
(Gary Tuchman) "And which one is the Republican and which one is the Democrat?"
(Kids) "Donald Trump is the Republican and Hillary Clinton is the Democrat."
(Gary Tuchman) What do you think a president needs to do?"

(Girl) "I think presidents should make a law that kids get to stay up before bedtime and eat sweets and vote for Mason as president!"
(Gary Tuchman) "Mason, you've been nominated as president! Do you guys want to see Mason as president?"
(Kids) "Yeah, Mason! Mason! Mason!"

(Gary Tuchman) "What do you think Donald Trump does for a living?"
(Kids)"He tells people to build buildings so he can make money."
(Gary Tuchman)"Does he build the buildings? Is he out there with a hard hat? No. He makes a lot of money though."
(Gary Tuchman) "How much do you think Donald Trump has?"
(Kid) "At least a million a day."
(Gary Tuchman)"At least one million a day. What do you think?"
(Different Kid) "900 bucks!"
(Gary Tuchman)"900 bucks? What do you think Hillary Clinton's job is? So what if I told you that ..."
(Girl) "I think her job is to go on the Ellen show. (kids laugh) "
(Gary Tuchman)"That's what you think she does for a living?"
(Girl)"Yep, I always watch it and she's always on. (laughter)"

(Kid) "Her husband was president already and she was already a first lady."
(Gary Tuchman)"That's exactly right. Do you know what her husband's name is?"
(kid) "Bill Clinton."
(Different Kid)"George Washington?"
(Gary Tuchman) "Not George Washington! Bill Clinton's old, but not as old as George Washington would have been."
(Kid) "Bill Clinton?"
(Gary Tuchman) "Bill Clinton! Here's a video from the debate. I want you to see this."

(Nat Sound)
(Gary Tuchman) "What do you think when people talk over each other? Does that make it fun to watch the debate or not very much fun?"
(Kid) "Not very fun."
(Gary Tuchman) "So what would you say to them about interrupting each other?"
(Kid) "It should be like in school when you take turns saying something!"
(Gary Tuchman) "So you would say to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton -- pretend you're in second grade!"
(Kids) "Yes!"

(Girl) "I have advice for Donald Trump. Do not say mean words about Hillary Clinton. She needs some respect man. Give the lady a chance!"
(Gary Tuchman) "Let me ask you this: don't you think she should be nice to him too?"
(Kids) "Yes."
(Gary Tuchman) "There's an expression: what's good for the goose is good for the gander. So what do you think. Do you all agree?"
(Kids) "Yes!"
(Gary Tuchman)  "So do you think that they should follow the example of second graders better?"
(Kids) "Yes, yes."

(Girl) "But if you want kids to believe in you, you should show them a proper way how to talk to other people, and give people their turn, so little kids can be inspired."
(Gary Tuchman)
"I want to thank all of you for inviting us to Calhoun School."
(Kids) "You're welcome!"

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