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WI Dairy News: Cooper Living & Learning Center

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PLATTEVILLE (WKOW) -- Students at UW-Platteville have a chance to live, learn, and work at a farm on campus.

The Cooper Living and Learning Center teaches students practical experience on Pioneer Farm to help prepare them for their future in the dairy industry.  Travis Franks is one of those students.  He says, "Being out here, closer to the farm, we get more hands-on experience and it definitely makes us more marketable for after we graduate to find a job,"

Dr. Tera Montgomery is an associate professor of dairy science.  She says, "It's really an awesome opportunity for them to experience rural living, the farm life, the opportunities that the farm gives them, but also they've got plenty of classes on campus where they can really interact with the general population as well."

Although UW-Platteville has always had a working farm as part of its Agriculture program, this is only the second year the school has offered residence hall facilities for students to live on the farm.

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