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WI Attorney General: "Video appears to show bragging about breaking Wisconsin laws"

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UPDATE (WKOW)-- Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel says a recent video posted by conservative group Project Veritas shows concerning comments that will require a lengthy investigation.

Project Veritas released two videos earlier this week. They feature Scott Foval, a well-known democratic operative in Madison political circles. The videos, which are highly edited, appear to show Foval taking credit for disrupting a Scott Walker presidential rally, and also talking about how to commit voter fraud.

"I've got strong instincts that say if you see a bad guy, go after a bad guy. Those videos appear to have someone bragging about breaking Wisconsin laws and some federal laws. So, my instincts are to take a look at it, and we will do that."

Since the videos went public the policy group Americans United for Change has fired Foval. Foval tells 27 News these accusations are part of a sinister plot that is nothing more than a ruse.

Schimel says he will examine any materials he and his office can legally get their hands on, so they can take a deeper look and determine if any election laws were broken.


MADISON (WKOW) -- The Wisconsin Department of Justice is looking into whether a local political operative violated state law.

That revelation comes a day after an undercover video appeared to show the man bragging about how to successfully commit voter fraud.

Scott Foval, a well-known operative in Madison Democratic political circles, finds himself out of work and possibly under criminal investigation after the Tuesday release of that video by the conservative group Project Veritas.
The video appears to show Foval talking about not only taking part in past schemes to commit voter fraud, but also shows him describing how something like that might be accomplished in future elections.

As a result of the video, the liberal advocacy group Americans United for Change fired Foval from his job with them.
Foval declined an interview with WKOW Wednesday, but sent a statement in response to the video.

"This scheme to cast legitimate organizing activities as a sinister plot is nothing but a ruse. When O'Keefe's team of grifters attempted to find illegal activities going on , they were disappointed to discover, in fact, that I and my associates were only involved in above-board, legal, legitimate organizing work to counter Trump's campaign of division, misogyny, hatred, and xenophobia," wrote Foval, referencing James O'Keefe, director of Project Veritas. "Despite our attempts to redirect the conversation and actions towards positive, results-oriented, legal and ethical political organizing, O'Keefe's crew of imposters continued to walk down a path of deception and manipulation. Our team took the high road, deciding to not indulge the imposters in their dubious scheme, rather attempting to put our energies and intentions towards positive activities that garner electorally relevant results. All who view these recordings should remember that they were speculative conversations where we attempted to correct a misguided idea put forth by O'Keefe and his cronies, and we did not take the bait."

But Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel's office doesn't see it that way.

 "DOJ is aware of these videos and very concerned about apparent violations of the law. We are evaluating and reviewing available options to address the serious questions these videos raise," wrote DOJ Spokesperson Johnny Koremenos in a statement to 27 News.

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