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Mom tackles food allergies for Halloween; creates product for all kids

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Courtesy: Switch Witch Courtesy: Switch Witch

DENVER, CO (WKOW) -- Halloween is a fun time for children but some of the excitement can be taken out of the holiday when a child has food allergies.

A mom from Denver who has a child with a severe allergy came up with an idea to help other kids. She says the "Switch Witch" is also for families who want to cut down on candy consumption, not just those who are dealing with food allergies. 

Audrey Kinsman says a few years ago when her son came home with his Halloween candy and couldn't eat one piece, she told him the "Switch Witch" would trade it for a book or toy. It was a spur of the moment thing because the idea of the Switch Witch had been around. But Audrey says when she went to go buy one online later that week, there wasn't one being sold anywhere. So she decided to create it.

Audrey's Switch Witch partners with the Teal Pumpkin project and others. "Part of our philosophy is being healthy and it's not just about kids with allergies. It's about families who want to make healthier choices. So one of our partners is the Teal Pumpkin. We have another partner called a group called Operation Shoebox and they help us collect candy from Switch Witches and send it overseas to the troops. We have another group called Mommy Nearest and any caregiver, we give tips on cutting down on candy consumption to leading healthier and happier lives."

If you'd like to learn more about the Switch Witch and how to get one, click here.  There is another product on the market called Switch Witch as well and many ideas of how to create your own "Switch Witch" online.

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