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Gov. Walker credits frustration with Washington for GOP victories

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ORLANDO, Fla. (WKOW) -- With a Republican administration taking over the White House in January and the GOP maintaining its majority in Congress, Republican governors are looking forward to more control over federal issues. 

They discussed this at their first Republican Governors Association meeting since the election, held in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday.

As of this week, Governor Scott Walker is the chairman of the RGA.  Walker credited the reforms that GOP governors have made as the reason 34 states have Republicans as governors.  He also thinks this is the reason Donald Trump won the election, alongside his Republican governor running mate, Mike Pence.

"Republicans up and down the ticket did well because we're talking to working class Americans and telling them it's not the government that's going to create jobs, it's getting the government out of the way that's gonna make a difference," Walker told the crowd at the meeting. 

All of the governors who spoke credited President-elect Trump with capitalizing on the economic frustration they say Washington has stalled. 

"A lot of those swing voters want action," said Walker.  "One of the biggest frustrations in DC isn't just left or right, it's the perception and in many ways reality that Washington doesn't get anything done." 

Walker added that he thinks President-elect Trump and Congress will be ready to go to make change happen. 

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