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Prepping your car for winter

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MADISON, WI (WKOW) -- Tires can lose air pressure overnight.  If you want to prevent that, you can ditch the oxygen.  Mechanics say another option is switching to nitrogen since it's not as affected by the cold.  Some gas stations offer air pumps to fill your tires up for free.  Make sure your anti-freeze is tested to see that it doesn't actually freeze.  Mechanics check that it's going to be safe down to negative 34 degrees.

Your car's battery may also need a boost since cold can affect it and if you have an older car you may need to switch the oil, but newer cars can stay on synthetic.  You may not want to let it idle for too long as that can cause more issues.  Running for about two minutes gets the oil going enough to keep the car in good condition.

If you get your car washed regularly to prevent rust, make sure that you add on the undercarriage spray to wash away the salt. 

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