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Full-time coach, lifetime mom

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MADISON, Wis. (WKOW) -- When Chaia Huff was hired to be Edgewood College's women's head basketball coach back in August, she came to Madison with big goals for the Eagles. Besides coaching 12 young women, Coach Huff has two little ones back at home relying solely on her. 

Six-year-old Molly and three-year-old Lincoln keep this coach on her toes at all times.

"They're a big part of my life you know, " Huff says, smiling as she talks about her two prides of joy, "It's really important for me to show them that even though I'm in a A-typical job for a mom with a 6 and a 3 year old, it's a job where it's very rewarding for me and it's fun and I love it. And I want them to see that in me and experience that with me. And I want to be mom to them. And I want them to feel like they have somewhat of a normal childhood experience."

Being normal is tough for a single mom, as career and family life often intersect. 

"I'm a big planner, that's the only way we get it done. Once in a while my daughter gets sick or my son gets sick and then we rearrange but as long as I plan out ahead most of the time I can keep all my balls in the air."

There are occasions where Huff has to bring her kids to work. In those times, her players, ranging from 18 to 21 years old, experience her hectic life firsthand. 

"I don't know how she does it. She's like wonder woman, " says senior guard Sidney Peach, "She just does everything. She never let anything bother her. She always has a positive attitude." 

But practice is only a fraction of what happens in a standard day with the Huff's.

"I would say we get up around 6:45, 7 o'clock. Almost always we're just frantically running out the door to the bus. Get my son ready and once I drop him off I can usually breathe for a little bit then I come here to Edgewood. Work most of the day and getting practice ready and watching film. And so I'll get back there at 7 o'clock and then I usually have about an hour before they go to bed. Sometimes we have to do spelling words. Sometimes we'll have fun and we'll watch a movie or play a game. Sometimes they're super grumpy and they watch the iPad."

And once the kids are finally settled and sound asleep, it's back to basketball.

"I'm really trying to rebuild this program a little bit and get it up so we're recruiting a ton. Talk to my assistant coaches a lot at night."

After a few more hours of basketball work it's nearly midnight and time for this super mom to get some sleep.

"Life's crazy but we just you know, we be our best person inside of it."

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