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Upcycled mittens feed thousands in Dane County

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Mittens you may see on local store shelves are feeding thousands in Dane County.

A few years ago, Janet Tupy wanted to see how far she could make $100 go to help others. She started taking old wool sweaters destined for landfills, grabbed a few friends, and began turning them into mittens. The profits are donated to local food pantries.

“If we don't take care of the people who are in need in our local area, then who will? And the other thing is that food pantries are able to get their food in bulk,” said Tupy. “So when they get money, they can stretch it so much farther and feed so many more hungry families than we can individually if we go to the grocery store."

For every $10 donated to The River Food Pantry, they're able to give away about $100 worth of food. Over the last couple years, ReMitts have raised more than $175,000 for food pantries in Dane County.

The mittens' proceeds are donated to St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry, Middleton Outreach Ministry, and The River Food Pantry. Now the project has come full circle... they get a lot of the unwearable sweaters from St. Vinny's.

The project is also good for the environment, by diverting the sweaters from landfills. “We wash it in hot water and dry it, which shrinks it,” Tupy said. “And then they are cutting them into mitten pieces which get sewn together into making mittens."

ReMitts cost $30 dollars per pair, and $40 for the special Badger versions. Click here for more information. 

Below is a list of where you can buy ReMitts. Tupy says they sell out fast! 

Barriques - 1825 Monroe Street
Barriques - 8410 Old Sauk Road
Barriques - 961 S. Park Street
Barriques - 8410 Old Sauk Road
Barriques - 961 S. Park Street
Barriques - 2166 Atwood Avenue
Coffee Gallerie - 1865 Northport Drive
Duwayne's Salon - 2114 N Sherman Avenue
Frugal Muse - 235 Junction Road
Klein's Greenhouse - 3758 East Washington Avenue
St. Vincent DePaul - 1309 Williamson Street
St. Vincent DePaul - 6301 Odana Road
St. Vincent DePaul - 1213 N Sherman Avenue
St. Vincent DePaul - 4230 E Towne Boulevard

Crossroads Coffeehouse - 2020 Main Street

Barriques - 5957 McKee Road #5

Barriques - 1901 Cayuga Street #101
Clasen’s European Baker - 7610 Donna Drive

Phoebe's Nest - 145 High Street

St. Vincent DePaul - 1509 US Hwy 51 & 138

St. Vincent DePaul - 1110 W Main St, Sun Prairie

St. Vincent DePaul - 213 W Verona Avenue

St. Vincent DePaul - 213 Klein Drive

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