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WI Dairy News: Man makes cheese for same company for over 50 years

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ELLSWORTH (WKOW) -- Many people switch companies every few years, so when an employee stays at a company for more than 20 years, it’s notable. And, when an employee dedicates more than 50 years to one company, it becomes quite an accomplishment!

Back in 1966 Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery went from producing butter to making cheese. At about the same time, Joe Hines was looking for a job. 

"I kind of hit a rainy season in the construction business, so I thought oh, I'll go down and help them out you know, and maybe only work a few days or something." 

A few days turned into a few weeks, and then into fifty years! And Joe wouldn't have it any other way! 

Joe started off as a general laborer turning cheese by hand. Eventually he got his cheesemaker's license and became responsible for making the cheese. Then he became cheese supervisor, which eventually led him to his current position as Plant Superintendent. 

It may be easy to fill the position; it will be hard to replace his infectious spirit and hard work ethic. 

And while it will be hard for Joe's coworkers to see him leave, it may be harder for Joe himself! 

"It's all been good as far as I'm concerned," Joe said. "If you told me to pick out a bad memory, I don't think I could!" 

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