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Angie's List: Risks & rewards of DIY home security

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(WKOW) -- Nearly 8 million property crimes occurred around the country last year, resulting in more than 14-billion dollars in losses. That’s inspired many consumers to invest in home alarm systems. Do-it-yourself systems are available but are they enough? We find out in today’s Angie’s List report.

Being new in town was all the reason homeowner Martha Pfleeger needed to add some extra security to her family’s home.

“It’s a new area to us and we’ve got two kids, so having a security system just feels safer to us,” says Pfleeger. 

Like many of us, the Pfleegers are on a budget so they opted to install their security system themselves.

“D-I-Y security systems have become much more affordable. You can get a typical system for less than 200 dollars and that’s going to include door and window sensors, motion sensors and an audible alarm,” says Angie Hicks, founder of Angie's List. 

“Homeowners should consider all of the entry points in their home when selecting components for a burglar alarm. Typically your first floor windows are accessible from the outside and you want protection on those and, of course, all the doors that lead to the outside,” says Will Deines, VP of Operations at SimpliSafe. 

“We’ve got a dog who’s going to be about a hundred pounds, so the glass break options are really helpful for us. We were able to use both sensors in the areas where he won’t be and glass break in the areas that he will be, which is really convenient,” says Pfleeger. 

Professional monitoring can be added to D-I-Y systems so that police are called when the system is triggered. That will add a monthly fee to your budget.

“With D-I-Y alarm systems, you don’t have to get monitoring. If you want to use it as an alarm to scare off a burglar when they come through your front door, you can do that,” says Deines. 

“A D-I-Y system can provide your home extra security and can be easy to install, but if you want constant surveillance, you need to consult with a professional,” says Angie.  Even though it’s an extra monthly bill, Angie says police monitoring can mean a break on homeowners’ insurance as well and more peace-of-mind. Learn how to work the system, though, because too many false alarms can trigger local fines.

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