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WI Dairy News: Larson Acres Dairy

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EVANSVILLE (WKOW) -- Larson Acres dairy farm in Evansville is a common stop for World Dairy Expo visitors and other tour groups, but soon they may be open for tours of a different kind.

A few years ago, Ed Larson was laid up with a back injury. To pass time while healing, he started searching on E-Bay for a glass milk bottle from his family's first farm. 

"Then I started finding some Evansville bottles, then I started Rock County, Southern Wisconsin, but then it got to be where I was buying any bottle from the state." 

One bottle turned into a significant collection that now occupies two rooms in the upstairs quarters of the farm office. 

"Once I couldn't find milk bottles to buy, I started buying butter churns, and ice cream stuff and it moved on to some of the equipment and the machines, hand machines and stuff like that." 

Now the basement of the facility is filled with artifacts that tell the story of Wisconsin's great agricultural and dairy heritage! 

"Hopefully we can keep the heritage going, how the old generations farmed, compared to how we're doing it." 

For Larson, it's not simply a hobby, it's a way to learn about the past. 

"It's the people you meet, and it's what you learn. I've learned more in the last three years than I did my first 60! I mean every time I go to an auction, get on the computer, research something, it's just fun!" 

Larson now hopes to turn that fun into a visitor's center where tour groups can learn about the past while also visiting a modern family dairy farm. 

"They can come look at the farm, how we farm today; and look at the museum, how my grandfather or my great-grandfather farmed." 

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