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Wisconsin Dairy News: Gourmet Hot Chocolate

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Mt Horeb (WKOW) -- Walk into Sjölinds Chocolate House in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, and you'll be in chocolate heaven. 

"Chocolate has become more trendy," employee Melissa Langholff said. "I think that's fair to say. And the more kinds of chocolate that you try, I think it makes you curious and you want to try even more." 

It is worth a trip to Sjölinds just to savor the many different flavor variations of gourmet hot chocolates. 

"We have nine different flavors of hot chocolate," Langholff said. "And we have a couple of bases that we start with. We have a very dark hot chocolate and to that we add vanilla beans for one kind, we have one that has ginger and peanut butter and some allspice." 

Gourmet hot chocolate may be one of its signature items, but because Sjölind's carefully roasts its own blend of cocoa beans you'll find other chocolate treats. 

"We do some home-made marshmallows to go with our hot chocolate, and then we make a lot of different kinds of bean to bar chocolate including a couple of dark milk chocolates." 

Incorporating real Wisconsin dairy products into all the chocolate they make gives a distinctive taste. 

"Sometimes you just want a strong dairy flavor, and you can kind of use the chocolate more as a background to help you taste those, soft, luscious, smoke flavors. And sometimes you use dairy to help round out the chocolate flavor." 

So if it's dairy rich chocolate that you're craving, you may want to pay Sjölinds a visit! 

"Just the amazing amount of butter and cream that we use in our baking, it would be a much sadder world without Wisconsin dairy products." 

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