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City warns homeowners about icy sidewalks and offers to help

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MADISON (WKOW) -- As you head out the door this weekend, you'll want to be sure to watch each and every step. Many Madison sidewalks and walkways are still covered in sheets of ice. It's prompted the city to warn homeowners about the consequences of not clearing the sidewalks, and officials are even willing to help.

Sidewalks may not matter much to some, but for Keith Zukas and his dog Scout, those walkways are the main routes the two friends take daily. 

"I walk my dog Scout twice a day, every morning and every night," Zukas said.

No matter the snow or the ice, the walks are a must. But the slippery sidewalks are dangerous for walkers. 

"A couple days ago, he pulled me probably 10 feet down the sidewalk, just sliding on the ice," Zukas explained. 

It's why Madison's Housing Inspection Supervisor Kyle Bunnow is reminding homeowners to clear the walkways in a timely manner. 

"That one was very icy," Bunnow said as he pointed to a sidewalk covered in thin, invisible sheet of ice. "Snow or ice needs to be cleared by noon after the day the snow or ice accumulated." 

It's why the city is stepping in to help homeowners. Free sand can be found at several city parks for you to pick up, take home and spread out on your sidewalks. 

And if you don't clear your sidewalk, you could face a hefty fine, $124 to be exact. The city has inspectors that tend to complaints that are called in. If the inspector finds your sidewalks have ice or snow past the noon deadline, you could be written the citation. 

Homeowners would then have the day to clear the walkways. Then, the inspector would come back the following day. If the sidewalks still aren't clear, the city would do the work for you, but also charge you for the service on top of the ticket you already received. 

Bunnow says the city has already given out more than 300 of the pink citations this winter. 

"There are lots of individuals that need to use the sidewalks to get from one place to another. Be considerate to your neighbors and potentially yourself," Bunnow said.

Many sidewalks still need some work. Bunnow just worries about the ice that can't be seen that easily.

"If there's a little bit of snow on the top, that can be the most dangerous of all cause if you have ice underneath it, it creates a really slippery situation," he explained as he walked down an ice-covered sidewalk.

He admits, a majority of the complaints come from the downtown area, but says those on the east and west side of town are responsible for their sidewalks as well. 

Downtown walkers like Zukas and Scout agree that some of the sidewalks can be bad. They just hope neighbors will soon get out and take care of the slippery spots so they can continue enjoying their walks. 

"It makes walking so much easier when there's a clear path for you and much more safe," Zukas said.


  •  Sycamore Park (In the parking lot across from the Streets Division offices at 4602 Sycamore Ave.)
  •  Monona Golf Course (Front parking lot by the waste oil site at the corner of Monona Avenue and East Dean Road)
  •  Olbrich Park (Softball parking lot off of Walter Street)
  •  Reindahl Park (Portage Avenue parking lot)
  •  Warner Park (Softball parking lot near N. Sherman Avenue)
  •  School Road Waste Oil Site (At the intersection of School and Wheeler Roads)
  •  Demetral Park (Softball parking lot off of Sixth Street)
  •  Tenney Park (In the beach parking lot off of Sherman Avenue) West Side:
  •  Garner Park (Parking lot off of Rosa Road)
  •  Elver Park (Softball parking lot off McKenna Boulevard)
  •  Brittingham Park (Entrance off W. Washington AV)
  •  Glenway Golf Course (Parking lot off Speedway Road)
  •  Spring Harbor Parking Lot (The corner of Norman Way and Lake Mendota Drive)
  •  Yard Waste Site (402 South Point Road)
  • Garner Park (parking lot off of Rosa Road)
  • Elver Park (softball parking lot off McKenna Boulevard)
  • Brittingham Park (entrance off  W. Washington Avenue)
  • Glenway Golf Course (parking lot off Speedway Road)
  • Spring Harbor Parking Lot (the corner of Norman Way and Lake Mendota Drive)
  • Yard Waste Site (402 South Point Road)

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