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Assembly Speaker Vos: Gas tax "probably not" going up

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos conceded Wednesday that the state legislature will not likely increase the state gas tax to pay for state transportation projects.

Vos and other Assembly Republicans have been urging Republican Governor Scott Walker to at least consider raising gas taxes and vehicle registration fees to help fill a nearly $1 billion shortfall in the state transportation budget. Walker has repeatedly said he will not consider raising gas taxes without a corresponding cut somewhere else in the budget.

Vos, speaking at a forum in Madison Wednesday, noted that odds are against gas taxes going up. He said "it's not impossible", but Walker is likely to prevail in stopping a gas tax increase.

As for other ways to raise money for roads, Vos is in favor of toll roads. Walker is proposing delaying projects and borrowing more money to deal with the budget shortfall.

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