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Madison dance class focuses on kids with developmental differences

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Two Saturdays a month at Synergy Dance Academy, kids with special needs are moving and grooving while learning little life lessons. 

"They get to socialize with other kids.  They learn coordination... They learn coping skills, fine motor skills," says Sarah Jacobson, the instructor for Chance to Dance.  Jacobson started the class five years ago after studying dance in college.  "We had a focus on dance with children with special needs." 

In a twist of fate, Jacobson's son Sam was diagnosed with autism. 

"[To see] something that [Sam's] been struggling with and see him get that in the class, without him really being aware of it, is really cool to see," she says. 

When asking Sam why he liked taking the class, his answer was simple.  "Because it's fun!" he said. 

Meanwhile, for parents Chance to Dance gives them the opportunity to network and talk to others going through the same thing. 

"It's nice to kind of get that connection," says Larissa Ehly, mom to four-year-old Brody.  "He loves to dance.  He loves music, and this is the perfect setting for him." 

"The kids that come to the class, they get to be in a typical dance school," says Jacobson.  "And they get to be around and see the other kids that are dancing, and that's really fun for them to be a part of that." 

The dance team at Synergy volunteers, helping Jacobson teach the class.  Those students also raise money to for class materials, so the class is free for kids and their parents to attend. 

Chance to Dance dates can be found on Facebook or by contacting Synergy Dance Academy.  It runs from 9:00 - 9:45 a.m. and is open for all abilities, ages three to 11 (approximately). 

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