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Program stops 'doctor shopping'

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Starting this week, doctors and police in Wisconsin can now take more steps to prevent so-called "doctor shopping."
    People addicted to prescription drugs will sometimes go from doctor to doctor or pharmacy to pharmacy, to get more pills.
    But, the new prescription drug monitoring program now tracks patients getting commonly-abused drugs.
  "As a physician, you check it, first of all, before you write a prescription and secondly, when you do write a prescription, you enter that into the database as well," Dr. Ashok Rai told WBAY.
     It's taken three and a half years for doctors and police around the state to enter data on hundreds of people receiving the high risk opioids.
    But officials say that's given the state time to create more treatment options, since it's been shown that people addicted to pills often turn to heroin when they can't fill a prescription.

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