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Trio of celestial phenomena Friday night

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MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- We started off the week with the meteor, and we're ending it several other natural phenomena in the sky.
    If you could see it through the clouds, you saw a full moon and what's called a penumbral eclipse.
    It happens when the moon passes through part of the earth's outer shadow.
    So, that's a full moon, an eclipse and later, a comet will be flying by us.
"It's not going to be zipping very fast it'll just be a small speck of light, but if you get a set of binoculars you'll get a little more resolution you'll see a bit of fuzziness around it and that'd be kind of cool to see," Marquette University astrophysicist Chris Stockdale told WISN.
    A telescope will also help.
    The comet will come within about 7 million miles of Earth.

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