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Madison student caddies his way to college

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MADISON (WKOW) -- A Madison teenager has turned his summer job into a full ride to college.

Daniel Romero is a senior at La Follette High School. His dad has always been passionate about golf, so Daniel started playing. Then, he started as a caddie at Maple Bluff Country Club. But he never thought being on the green would change his life this way.

“Just all the support that I've gotten here as a caddy for the last two years here has been tremendous,” Romero said. It was someone at the country club who told him about the Chick Evans Scholarship from the Western Golf Association. Daniel applied and went through the interview process.

He found out he won, and now he's set for college: four years of tuition and room and board, paid in full. He's one of 17 winners in Wisconsin.

“I thought... for me, it was kind of a long shot,” said Romero. “But I’m really thankful for the way that it's turned out, I can't be more excited and more grateful."

A big burden has been taken off Daniel's and his family's shoulders. Now that he has the luxury of not needing to work while he's in school, he'll use his extra time to pay it forward, and help others achieve what he has.

“I've been really big with volunteering through The First Tee,” said Romero. “I've been a mentor for several years now, and I was a past participant. So I want to continue giving back to them in as many ways as possible."

Romero starts UW-Madison in the fall. He plans to study sports management.

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