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Badgers running back Corey Clement awaits NFL future

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WAUKESHA, Wis. (WKOW) -- "I definitely wanted to be an NFL player when I was 5 or 6 years old. I would just watch it on TV on tell my parents, "I want to do that."

Corey Clement's 17-year dream is now just two-and-a-half months away.

After a decorated career at Wisconsin - rushing for 3,092 yards with 38 total touchdowns - the running back is now training six days a week at NX Level in Waukesha, Wisconsin, as he prepares for the next step in his football journey. 

"I had the opportunity to talk to some GMS and some coordinators on how they view me as a running back and they kinda said I'm basically the thunder to their lightning, " Clement said when asked about the feedback he's received. 

Various projections have Clement going anywhere from the third to the fifth round in the 2017 NFL Draft. As for which teams Corey say's he could potentially play for, he did name drop one organization that Wisconsin fans might get excited about.

"Being that I played for the Badgers I definitely think that if I had to stay here and play for the Packers. Just being able to play with a great quarterback such as Aaron Rodgers, being around a great scheme of an offense. I think I'd fit pretty well there."

Outside of the Green Bay Packers, 31 other teams might aim for the Badger.

"Being able to have this dream in my mind since I was young, being able to play for anybody is definitely be a dream come true."

Before the draft rolls around, however, Corey will have to take care of business at the NFL Combine. Under the lights at Lucas Oil Stadium, the home of the Indianapolis Colts, Corey says he won't feel the pressure of dozens of NFL scouts watching his every move. 

"It's just about remaining calm. Just have fun and go out there and really know why you're out there and it's to put up the highest numbers and compete."

The workouts won't be the only thing on the draft prospects plate's. They will also be put through the ringer in the interview process. In these short, 15-minute interviews, Corey expects GM's, scouts, coaches, and other team personnel to grill him about his past injuries as well as an off-the-field dispute that resulted in two citations and a one game suspension.

"I can't dwell on the past, everybody messes up," Corey said as he reflected on that night in November of 2015. "And I think the only thing you can do to impress them is to stay honest. Keep a smile on your face and let them know that you're in a better place now."

If Corey survives the gauntlet in Indianapolis, then all that's left to do is sit and wait until April 27th rolls around. 

 "Just when I get that phone call, seeing the caller ID, where it's coming from. I might tear up a little bit because you've worked for it for so long and the time has come and you just gotta be ready for it."

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