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Wisconsin Dairy News: Recycled Ag Plastics

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BELLEVILLE (WKOW) -- At Sunburst Dairy farm in Belleville the Brown family year 'round to provide for their cows. After expanding their family farm to 500 cows, the Browns started using plastic ag bags to hold their feed. 

However it's one thing to use plastic and another to dispose of it. 

The solution to the problem was Revolution Plastics. The Arkansas-based company provides free dumpsters to farms willing to participate in the recycling program as well as free pickup service to help farmers recycle ag plastic. 

Residual dirt and feed left on Ag plastic makes it difficult for most processors to recycle. But Revolution came up with an answer. 

Now Ag plastic from Wisconsin's southern region is hauled to the Green County Landfill where it's bailed and loaded onto trucks to head to Arkansas for recycling into trashcan liners. 

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