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Verona Streets testing possible long-term pothole patching solution

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VERONA (WKOW) -- You've probably been dodging your fair share of potholes this week.  A company using microwave energy and recycled asphalt may have found more than a temporary patch to the problem.

"We know the technology works," Microwave Utilities Inc Director of Business Development Ken Larsen said about an idea that uses 50 thousand volts of microwave energy to to melt the molecules of recycled asphalt.  

"The thing about it, it's green, we're using old aggregate," Larsen said about the inventive idea he hopes to bring to Wisconsin.

Verona Streets Superintendent Greg Denner says they're interested, but aren't ready to bite just yet.

"We're still studying it, still reviewing it," Denner said. 

Potholes are patched in five to seven minutes and while Larsen won't use the word "permanent," he does say the fix will pretty much last forever.

"The University of Minnesota Duluth has done studies on potholes that we've repaired like six years ago," Larsen said  "The pothole is still standing and the road is broken up," he added.

He says several municipalities are looking into the $150-300,000 investment.

"The city of Chicago, they're interested, we had it in Racine County, they're interested, but we're working on scalability," Larsen said.

So is it SharkTank ready?

"No, they want too much!" Larsen said with a chuckle.

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