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Former Badger James White makes weekend stop in Madison

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MADISON, Wis. (WKOW) -- The name James White echoed through the nation after he scored the game-winning touchdown for the Patriots in Super Bowl LI, but his name has been a household favorite for Badger fans since 2010. 

The former Badger made his rounds at his former school, dropping the puck in the Michigan-Wisconsin men's hockey game on Saturday before making an appearance at the Maryland-Wisconsin men's basketball game on Sunday. 

White won three Big Ten Championships with the Badgers before moving to the pro's as a fourth round draft pick for the New England Patriots. He was inactive for most of the Patriots Super Bowl XLIX run, but he was crucial in their victory against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. White set a record for receptions (14) and punched in the game winner in overtime. He credits his former school for setting the tone for his NFL career. 

"I think Wisconsin has trained me very well. Worked in a pro-style offense, worked with a lot of blue-collar guys, worked extremely hard," White said on Sunday afternoon inside the Kohl Center media room. "Guys who put the team first and it's very similar to The Patriot Way. Nobody cares who gets all the success, we just work as a team. I think that really helped me."

White admitted he was tired from all the events he had to attend, but he was happy to talk about his dinner conversation with his former teammate, running back Corey Clement, who is preparing for the NFL Combine. 

"He's just ready to get to the combine, get that over with. I was kinda explaining to him a little bit that it'll be fun. He was like, "I don't know what to think about the process", or what not, but just have fun it. it's going to be a lot of stuff but you just have to enjoy it you can't think too much about it.  It's all just football in the end."

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