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Madison La Follette's Twin Power Heads To State Wrestling

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MADISON, Wis. (WKOW) -- It's been 24 long years since Madison La Follette has won an individual state title in wrestling, but that could all change Saturday when the Schiro twins head to the Kohl Center. 

"I wanna win it. I'm gonna win it." says Francesco, the slightly older twin. 
"I got the returning state champ first round but hey, anybody can be upset." says Salvatore, the slightly bigger twin. 

Outside of sharing a womb these two don't share many similarities. 
Franny wrestles at 120 while Sal wrestles at 182. 
Despite the weight difference, the wrestling gene does run in the family. Older brothers Dante (23) and Carlito (20) have also come through La Follette's program. 

"Four boys all wrestling. It's a competitive sport, competitive guys," says the eldest of the Schiro boys, Dane. "I mean, [it] doesn't get better than that." 

Dante graduated in 2012, but has been a volunteer coach with the Lancers ever since. He attends practices regularly and works one-on-one with Sal.

"I think that really helps, having a brother that is a coach."

Franny agrees.

"He's really a huge part of our success I think."

And when practice wraps up, the Schiro brothers take the match back home to the living room.

"That's probably where we've had out most intense matches," Dante says with a laugh, describing the WWE throws the boys pull on each other. "People are getting rug burns all over their knees and elbows and we're moving couches out of the way so we can wrestle."

As for who the best wrestler is in the family, no one can quite agree.

"Me for sure. No doubt about it," Francesco says with the utmost confidence. "I'm not their size but I could predict what would happen if I was their size."

"Last year I said it was Franny, but I've gotten a lot better since last year, " adds Sal. "So I'm going to say it's me now. We'll find out after Saturday."

The WIAA State Individual Wrestling Tournament kicks off Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m. at the Kohl Center with championship running on Saturday. 

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