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Mallatt's closing after a half-century in business

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MADISON (WKOW) -- A decades-long business in Madison is closing its doors for good on Friday.

Mallatt's Pharmacy and Costumes off Monroe Street has been a Madison staple for half a century and will close its doors after seeing a drop in retail sales over the past few years.

The announcement comes as a shock to long-time customer Dawn Marie Svanoe.

"When I found out that [Mallatt's Costumes] was completely going, it was sad, it's a Madison staple going away," said Svanoe, who's a local entertainer and has been shopping at Mallatt's for 20 years. "I used to come in here quite often to pick up the face and body painting supplies I needed."

Svanoe and her friends spent the time to take advantage of '50 to 75 percent off' sales and got some last pieces of nostalgia from the store.

The store's closing hasn't yet hit veteran employee Susannah Jackson who's been at the Monroe location for 25 years

"I think come Friday, it will come to reality for all of us," said Jackson, who says they're trying to empty out as much of the store before they close. "We're just trying to sell as much as we can, we're moving stuff into the high-traffic areas too [to sell]."

The closing also comes after Mallatt's got rid of its pharmacy back in October.

"It didn't really work out at all," said Mallatt's owner Mike Flint, who has seen more costume sales online than in his retail stores. "We've decided that you've got to pay attention to the business piece that's successful and the retail piece, unfortunately, was just kind of slowly dying off over time."

Flint says the company will continue to sell costumes online.

Going forward, he will also put more focus on his long-term care pharmacy, Mallatt's Homecare Pharmacy, that has locations in Madison and Milwaukee.

Mallatt's other location on Williamson street has already closed, and its Lodi and Waunakee locations will also close soon. 

Flint is still in talks with who will fill the space of the Monroe street location.

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