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La Movida hosts see changing role as conversations focus on immigration

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MADISON (WKOW) -- A pair of radio hosts in Madison is seeing their role change in the community as uncertainty over immigration continues in the U.S.

Luis and Lupita Montoto have been bringing the news and music to Madison's Latino community for more than 15 years on La Movida 1480 AM. But lately, much of their discussion has centered around President Trump's actions and comments on immigration.

They say they've seen a lot of fear as immigrant listeners reach out to them for help.

"A lot of people have a lot of questions in regards to what's going to happen, what can I do, where can I go, who do I call for protection, who do I call for more information," Luis tells 27 News. "We've taken on that responsibility of informing our community, our listeners. It's very difficult to see grown men cry and be afraid with not knowing what's going to happen to their family."

The Montotos see themselves as a bridge between the Latino population and organizations and businesses in the community, helping connect people with resources.

Ahead of the president's address to Congress on Tuesday night, they aired a special report including an interview with Congressman Mark Pocan, who brought an immigrant college student from Madison to D.C. to share her story and hear the president's speech in person. Lupe Salmeron was on the phone, too, to encourage concerned listeners to stay strong.

"This is important, to be there and speak loud and say how these executive orders could be affecting themselves," says Lupita.

Despite the fear they've seen, the Montotos believe the community is resilient and they have hope for the future. They want immigrants to have opportunities to contribute to the community.

So, while they brace for any news from the White House, they're hoping for good news to share with their listeners. 

"We keep the faith and we keep thinking that something good is going to happen after all of this," says Lupita.

The pair plans to focus their morning talk show Wednesday on the president's speech and how it could impact people in our area. They're on from 6-9 a.m. and 1-3 p.m.

The Montotos came to Madison with a goal of starting their own Latino radio station in 1999, just after marrying. Lupita is from Mexico and Luis is from Texas. They're celebrating 15 years of 24/7 broadcasting on La Movida later this year.

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