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Mom of Slender Man stabbing suspect speaks out

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MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- The mother of one of the Slender Man stabbing suspects is opening up about her daughter.

Angie Geyser says her decision to speak up now, nearly three years after the incident, is because her daughter's trial is coming up and she wants to be an advocate for her.

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier are accused of stabbing a classmate 19 times when they were 12 years old. Morgan was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Her mother told our Milwaukee affiliate, WISN-TV, she didn't know Morgan had an illness before the incident.  When Angie learned about disturbing drawings hidden in Morgan's room, she asked her about them.

"Her standard answer when I ask her why she didn't tell us about things is because we would have done something about it," Angie says.

Morgan is now a patient in the state mental facility.  Her family visits her several times a week.  Angie says Morgan does not talk about Slender Man at all during the visits.

Morgan's trial in October.  Her co-defendent, Weier, is also pleading not guilty by reason of mental disease.

In a statement to our affiliate, a spokesperson for the victim's family says people should remember the seriousness of the crime and that it was premeditated and vicious.  The spokesperson goes on to say that there is only one victim, Payton, who is now doing well in high school.


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