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Wisconsin Youth Network holds protest march against proposed pipeline expansion

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Protesters rally in Whitewater against pipeline expansion Protesters rally in Whitewater against pipeline expansion

WHITEWATER (WKOW) --- Anna Rodriguez hasn't grown food on her property in Rock County in over a decade.

"I have not been able to grow any kind of garden in my backyard in the 11 years that I’ve been there because the soil is so polluted."

She blames the contaminated soil on a pipeline behind her property, Line 61.

Protesters say Canadian-based Enbridge wants to build a new pipeline, Line 66, to run parallel to the existing one.

Rodriguez joined protesters Saturday in Whitewater to voice her opposition.

"It has many negative impacts on our soil and our environment."

Demonstrators marched from the UW-Whitewater campus to Cravath Lakefront Park, where they held a rally.

Protesters said the proposed pipeline along with the existing pipeline would carry 2 mil barrels of oil each day. They said this would have a devastating affect on the environment, not only on the environment, but also people's drinking water.

"We have Lake Michigan which is very vital resource to people. So if the pipeline leaks and toxins get in it it's kind of ruining a lot of people fresh water source,” said Lorenzo Backhaus, one of the organizers of the march.

“I am worried about drinking water, not only for my generation, but for the next and all the future generations to come,” Rodriguez said.

Backhaus said their message is similar to those protesting the Keystone Pipeline in North Dakota.

"With president trump signing that through and signing the Dakota Access Pipeline, having people standing and having their voices heard is very important."

Demonstrators said they will keep up the fight to try to get the lawmakers to do an about-face on the project.

"We are hoping to keep fighting to keep Enbridge away from our land," Rodriguez said.

In a statement on their website, Enbridge said:

"No decision has been made regarding plans for a new pipeline project in Wisconsin and Illinois.

If a project were to be approved, Enbridge would announce its plans to the public and provide landowners and other stakeholders with information about the project and opportunities for input."

The march and rally was organized by the Wisconsin Youth Network.

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