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Terminally ill boy gets special chance to learn how to ski

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PORTAGE (WKOW) -- Nearly 100 people showed up to a local ski mountain to cheer on a terminally ill boy from Illinois as he learned how to ski for the first time.

Family and friends showed up to Cascade Mountain in Portage on Sunday to watch as 12-year-old Frank Carpino finally got his chance to ski down the mountain.

"I'm just excited, really excited," said Carpino, moments before heading down.

According to Carpino's family, he suffers from Desmoid Tumors, a rare intermediate type of cancer.

"He has never known a time in his life when he wasn't having radiation or surgery," said Frank's mom Kathy Carpino, who says he's been suffering from the tumors since he was a baby. "I think he needs this [ski ride] at this point of his journey right now, he needed this to help him get the rest of the way."

To make sure Frank can ski down the hill safely, he strapped into specially-made skis that included a seat, padding, and straps for a skier following behind him to be able to steer him in the right direction.

The specially-made skis were provided by Adaptive Adventures, a group that helps those with disabilities be able to achieve what they never thought was possible, through special equipment.

"What we try and do is make sure the families ski together or friends get to ski together," said Linda Tomsevics of Adaptive Adventures, who steered Frank the whole way down the hill. "All it takes is the right equipment and anybody out there can ski, it doesn't matter if they were injured or quadriplegic, anybody can ski."

After Carpino arrived at the bottom of the mountain, he brought down with him, a smile on his face.

"Being able to feel the wind on your face, while whole experience was fun," said Carpino, who ended up going back up the mountain again for a couple more rounds downhill. "It's even greater that everyone could ski next to me."

The group of skiers included snow patrol members of Cascade Mountain, members of Carpino's Boy Scout troop along with others across Wisconsin, and plenty of family and friends.

"It was incredible, it was an amazing blessing," said Kathy Carpino, as she held back tears and thanked everyone for making the ski ride possible for her son.

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