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Madison immigration lawyers speak about travel ban impact on local families

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MADISON (WKOW) -- A couple of Madison immigration attorneys spent Monday reviewing President Trump's revised travel ban order and speaking with their clients.

As soon as attorney Shabnam Lotfi read over the revised order, she jumped onto an immigrant-based Facebook group page and addressed any concerns.

"I was just answering questions and making sure people were clear and educated [about the order]," said Lotfi, finds the revised order to be much "tamer" than the President's original order. 

Still, the revision continues to target most of the countries listed in the original travel ban, except Iraq. The revised order also does not apply to green card and valid visa card holders. 

As for those who are outside of the United States and do not have either a green card or a valid visa, can still apply for a waiver once the order is implemented on March 16th.

Still, Lotfi is advising some of her clients to avoid unnecessary travel.

"I would say if they are from one of the six countries and have advanced parole, which allows you to travel back and forth, I still wouldn't risk it," Lotfi said.

Murphy Desmond Immigration Attorney Glorily Lopez has advised the same.

"Even though this is a temporary ban, we don't know exactly what's next," said Lopez, who has pushed back most of her client meetings to May, as she continues to get swamped with questions. "The nature of this administration is one that is just firing [executive] orders left and right, and it's very hard to advise clients."

Despite the revision, Lotfi and Lopez agree obtaining citizenship in the US has now become increasingly challenging.

"My heart goes out to [applicants] who have already gone through a very difficult process and now that extremely difficult process is made much harder," said Lotfi.

Lawyers say they'll spend the next couple weeks sitting down with clients who are asking for visa waivers for their family members abroad.

Anyone who applies for a waiver will have to prove that they are not a threat to national security and that their entry is of national interest.

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